The ratings of the KMD engines range from 187 kW to 525 kW (200 hp – 704 hp).
There are 6-cylinder in-line units and 6-, 8-, 10-, and 12-cylinder V engines.
Our KMD engines are based on existing engine types, such as
DAF, Scania, MAN and Mercedes.

DAF, MAN, Scania and Mercedes are the basis. </ h3>


KTB Koning has been supplying engines based on DAF, MAN, Scania </ span> and Mercedes </ span> since 2006. All these engines meet the current environmental requirements. This made KTB Koning the first overhaul company and also engine manufacturer in Europe with certified CCR II engines for inland shipping purposes. The engines have been developed by KTB and were certified by TNO-Delft.

Already more than 1400 pieces has been sold since the introduction of the KMD ”Koning Milieu Diesel” engines </ strong> </ span>  </ strong> Applications; main-, bow thruster-, pump and generator engine.

In some cases, converting an existing CCR1 engine to CCR2 is a possibility. This can result in lower installation and overall costs.

All our CCNR2 engines come with a 24-month warranty and a new year of build.



Prices from
  • 250 t/m 430 hp
  • CCNR2 Certificaat Nr:
  • basis DAF
Folder 2018 KMD WS



Prices from
  • 350 t/m 510 hp
  • CCNR2 Certificaat Nr:
  • basis DAF
Folder 2018 KMD XF



Prices from
  • 400 t/m 550 hp
  • CCNR2 Certificaat Nr:
    R4*II*E2E3*0048*00 and R4*II*E2E3*0046*00
  • basis Scania
Folder 2018 KMD S14



Prices from
  • 250 t/m 704 hp
  • CCNR2 Certificaat Nr:
  • basis MAN/Mercedes
Informatieblad MV

C1 Auxiliary engine with variable engine speed and variable load
D2 Auxiliary engine with constant engine speed
E2 Ships main propulsion engine with constant engine speed
E3 Ships main- or auxiliary propulsion engine with propeller characteristics

Subsidie aanvragen?

Wanneer u onder de Duitse of Belgische vlag vaart kunt u in veel gevallen in aanmerking komen voor een zeer interessante subsidieregeling (oplopend tot wel 40%).
Hiervoor dient een z.g.n. ‘Herstellererklärung’ te worden ingediend.

Neemt u voor meer informatie betreffende de subsidie mogelijkheden contact met ons op.

Herstellererklärung is hieronder ook te downloaden als PDF.

Herstellererklärung KMD WS >> R4*II*C1D2E2E3*0063*00
Herstellererklärung KMD XF >> R4*II*C1D2E2E3*0047*00
Herstellererklärung KMD S14 >> R4*II*E2E3*0048*00
Herstellererklärung KMD S14 >> R4*II*C1D2E2E3*0046*00
Herstellererklärung KMD MV >> R4*II*C1D2E2E3*0049*00

Service, maintenance and repair on location

Service, maintenance and repair are carried out on location throughout Western Europe. We do this with our own fully equipped service cars. We also provide service to all other engines.

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